Although the purse in the top left corner is similar to others that I’ve come up with recently, I’m glad to have it in a less-often-found silver fabric.  The others are worth telling you about one at a time.  Let’s start with the white beaded bag on top:

a very lovely little convertible clutch bag that can go from dressy day to summer evening and also would stand out as part of a bridal ensemble.

Just to the right of it is a fabric coin or lipstick purse made in Italy.  Though it is just a purse accessory, the black satin and art print on front, as well as the filigree hardware make it a special keeper.  Italian-made purses and shoes from the Fifties and Sixties were of the highest quality and design and are to die for.

At the bottom is a pretty little brocade purse that could be an accessory but is meant to stand on its own, when only the barest essentials are necessary.  It’s very tiny, but unsnaps again to allow room for just a little more than the coin purse alone.  Although you probably can’t read it, in the corner to the left of the top snap is embossed in gold script “B. Dainty”.  Sweet!

Finally, the duchess of the lot is a fully-beaded clutch with a zipper top and silk lining.  Of the finest materials and displaying the most hand-done workmanship, it’s probably the oldest.

Although I’ve been happy to discover so many evening bags recently, especially with thoughts of this year’s holiday season beginning to creep into mind, I most love the special pieces like these – makes the day’s adventure really fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . .