Here’s a really pretty summer shirtwaist dress from the ’40s.  It has many features that I love such as a covered fabric belt, decorative touches on the bodice, color-match buttons with rhinestones and a very flattering shape.

These sheer dresses were a big thing for at least 2 decades, according to what I have found.  Gives us a chance to wear our beautiful lingerie and let it peep through just a little without being indiscreet.

Just seeing that silhouette makes me think of classic movies and how put together the average woman often looked then.

I believe that the fabric is a rayon or perhaps a rayon/cotton blend. Many of the fabrics used then were very interesting in their qualities and their properties – quite different from what we have today, in spite of all our easy-care progress. There’s nothing like the older ones.

True vintage is often very bashful – or maybe just cunning.  It likes to hide and to be sneaky.  I usually discover it in odd places or in corners.  But, sometimes it hides in plain sight.  You just never know . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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