Okay, we’re back to the jackets and coats that will take us out of late winter and into Spring! Since I’ve been doing a lot of red lately, here’s a cute shirt-jacket that I suspect is from the early 1960s but could be older. It had a girls’ school patch on front (which I have, of course, saved) and zips part-way down the front with a metal zipper.

This is cute and very different, easy to pop on over slacks, jeans or even a shift dress or skirt and blouse. I try to picture how it was worn by the original owner.

The corduroy is of a quality rarely seen today. The photo doesn’t do it justice, as the color is actually very bright and there’s no damage and very little wear.  100% cotton and, though it is fairly lightweight, is a dense weave that stands up for years rather than breaking out in thin patches or holes quickly. That’s what I love about the older fabrics. Although some of them have some vulnerabilities and require special know-how to care for them, they all have benefits that make them special in the way the color pops or how they hang or drape on the body. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find something as good now. Although this is just a simple item, I love it and you can see how it has held up despite its age.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll begin publishing photos of a few true vintage things that I’ve kept at this second home for the warm weather, and my most recent finds! I like to keep the posts seasonal to North America, so stay tuned. You just never what will show up!

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One thought on “Image: TRUE VINTAGE 1940S – ’60S CORDUROY JACKET/SMOCK

  1. TRUE VINTAGE 1940S – ’60S CORDUROY JACKET/SMOCK – magicvintagespy

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