Although I’d much rather wear one of my real 1940’s crepe dresses, this one has some nice styling touches.  It’s one of the better ’80’s does ’40’s designs I’ve seen.  Please forgive that it is a couple sizes too large for Stella.

The augmented shoulders are done well and the whole dress drapes nicely.  The back neckline has a keyhole opening that does away with the need for an ugly back zipper.      I like the sheer sleeves, too, and the sheer overlay on the skirt.  These features were frequently seen on similar dresses made in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Though you can’t see them because of the blouson, there are tabs at each side of the waist that add a nice touch to the design and allow the wearer to adjust the fit – another plus, as far as I’m concerned.

So, rather than being an obviously hop-on-the-fashion-bandwagon retro dress, this frock is simply a well-designed garment with some classic styling elements that make it elegant in any decade.  That’s always the best of the best, no matter when it was made.



One thought on “ELEGANT 1980’s DOES 1940’s BLACK DINNER DRESS

  1. ELEGANT 1980’s DOES 1940’s BLACK DINNER DRESS – Magicvintagespy

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