1950’S – EARLY 1960’S RETRO FROCK – A MODERN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE (SORT OF – a little rant about tailoring and quality)

IMG_1271 IMG_1272Here’s a modern dress by Kim Rogers brand, made in Vietnam.  For several reasons, I must point it out as an example of a rare exception to the rule that true vintage clothing is always superior to recently-made fashions.  I was drawn to it immediately because of the nicely designed retro style and the almost-vintage look and feel of the fabric.  The construction is very good, too.

Note the photo of little keepers at the shoulders for bra or slip straps – it’s a wonderful feature that I treasure in my true vintage pieces.  These haven’t been common in dresses for decades!   Also, it’s fully lined.   Asian dressmakers have done superb couture for ages, so it doesn’t surprise me that the workmanship on this garment is excellent.

What might also be considered a plus by modern women is that the fabric is 100% polyester. ” Ick!”  you say, “sleazy and hot”;  but it can be washed in a machine, with care, and drip-dried. (preferably a modern machine that has a hand-wash cycle and doesn’t agitate back and forth).  It’s also amazing what sorts of finishes can be made with polyester – sometimes it’s a really good appearance mimic for real silk, rayon or  even linen.  But, of course, not in terms of their other qualities – looks aren’t everything . . . . .

So, that gets us down to the real nitty-gritty.  Do you really want to wear a summer sundress made of polyester, when you’re trying to stay cool and looking your very best at an event or on a date?  Do you want the zipper on your dress to very obviously announce to anyone who has any fashion savvy that  “No, this is NOT a true vintage dress – just a retro fake”.  And, horror of all horrors, do you want to walk into the party and see another woman dressed just like you?

Thus, a very respectful nod to this clothing company for their care and attention to detail and  style, at least where this dress is concerned.  When I’m traveling and wouldn’t want to subject any of my authentic vintage treasures to threats of loss or damage, I’ll certainly take it and wear it inside or when the weather is mild.  It’s nice to see a manufacturer that cares about some of the finer points of good quality any time – especially in this age of cheaper-is-better.

BUT, all things considered, give me a quality true vintage garment over a modern one no matter what . . . . . . .




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  1. 1950’S – EARLY 1960’S RETRO FROCK – A MODERN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE (SORT OF) – Magicvintagespy

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