IMG_1061  IMG_1062 Finding true vintage handbags in almost-new condition is always a treat.  When summer’s almost over this year, the old-fashioned rule of “Don’t Wear White Wardrobe Items After Labor Day” is also dead and gone!

Ande’ was another company that made popularly-priced purses in the mid-century era. Usually small, and more often made of vinyl, but always cute, sturdy and stylish.



5 thoughts on “1960’S SUMMER HANDBAG BY ANDE’

  1. NEW FIND – 1960’S SUMMER HANDBAG BY ANDE’ – Magicvintagespy

  2. Well I love it & I don’t love it, both at the same time. I mean, it’s the find of a lifetime, a vintage handbag in what looks like (from where I’m sitting) near-mint condition. Show up someplace wearing it & I’d be confident in knowing no one else has one like it. But where in that tiny thing would I put my wallet, keys, cigarettes, makeup, sunglasses, hairbrush, & cell phone? Yeah, yeah, women in the ’60s didn’t HAVE cell phones, or Coach wallets stuffed with charge cards (and they probably didn’t have as much makeup in their makeup bag as I do).

  3. 1960’S SUMMER HANDBAG BY ANDE’ – Magicvintagespy

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