Another true vintage retro-style discovery. I love, love, love finding super vintage separates!! This rayon blouse by Esprit will be great with my white 1940’s – style sailor pants, my 1970’s white suit, and, and, and, etc. The style era is about 1935 – 1955. It’s in beautiful condition and fits. The only thing I plan on doing is adding some modest – size shoulder pads to perfect the fit on my body. This also may help the keep the collar in line under jackets. And, I might turn up the cuffs on the sleeves. They are perfectly finished to do this without any additional sewing.

A little style tweak here and there is always fun, as well as making sure that the fit is just right for you, which can make all the difference in the world. With well-made garments, as so many true vintage ones are, alterations are often easier. When a piece is cut well, changing the size a bit doesn’t throw the lines off in a wonky way or require a lot of restyling. It’s harder to do with clothing made for imprecise sizes and without attention to detail.

So, there. A little snooty? But, so true . . . . . . . . . . .



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