Yes, yes, yes, ANOTHER one. I just can’t pass up true vintage hand-tooled leather bags. Maybe because they’re always different from one another. The designs, while traditional, are all unique and sometimes very personalized.

This is the only one I have of exactly this shape or with this motif. Love the rigid frame that gives it a very roomy interior. It could be from the 1940’s up to the early 1960’s. Super convenient roomy size.

Designs on leather handbags were very popular beginning in the 1920’s(?) and 1930’s but the earlier ones may have been stamped designs. Western-style and Mexican hand-carved designs came a little bit later and the bags usually tended to be bigger. Then it became all the rage to make these bags at home with lessons, leather-craft materials and tools from suppliers like Tandy. There’s nothing like a truly handcrafted piece. Some, especially the oldest ones, are absolutely beautiful. Today, they are real treasures!

More to come – stay tuned . .. . . .



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