file0001209214386-ebook-cover-1-111112111111 Knights and castles, crumbling but beautiful cathedrals abound.  Poland is modern, too.  The tourist industry is certainly alive and well, so you can enjoy the antiquity and vintage ambiance as well as comfort and convenience.  Right now I’m staying in an old farming estate, last rebuilt in 1922 and now refurbished as a quiet, beautiful and elegant retreat with its own lake.

Yes, evidence of the past is everywhere and I have seen several “secondhand” shops, but the focus seems to be on 1990’s – present day fashion (and maybe not too much 1990’s, either).  I found one place that sold a little bit of true vintage but my impression is that it’s hard even for the vendors to find.  Given the history of this region in the 20th century, that is not surprising and I’ve learned that beautiful examples of clothing from WWII and before do exist here, but mostly in museum collections.

I welcome comments from anyone who knows more about this country and am sure that, hidden away, many treasures exist.  I’ve been too busy looking at architecture to locate them and, as always, you just never know.

Prospects. (and Internet) should improve by the time I arrive in Ireland so,  stay tuned .  .  .  .



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