Another great find, and in perfect condition, like the one shown yesterday! Let’s talk QUALITY and DESIGN again. First off, I love silk dresses. This one needs a steaming, but that will happen when I give it a cleaning – couldn’t wait to share it.

So, high-quality fabric. Also, high-quality construction, made in Hong Kong. That’s a location that could always be counted on for superior workmanship. The turquoise edging has been applied so expertly and carefully that it adds to the overall impression of a higher-end piece. The buttons are fabric-covered and the pleating detail is beautiful. Also, inside, the little hand-done fabric fans at the shoulder seams that widen the shoulders a bit are really nice. The covered elastic at the waistline has retained its stretch, so was good-quality, as well.

I just love the pairing of a New Wave true navy/turquoise color combo and detailing along with 1940’s style. Avant-guarde meets vintage. Some better-made Forties garments were very much like that, back in the day. I would expect that this dress was worn with a belt, although there are no belt loops. A simple, dark navy belt would be called for, as the collar and cuff detail take center stage. There’s enough fabric, unless you’re quite tall, to harvest material from the hem for a tie belt or to cover a custom buckle belt.

A much simpler and “homey” style tomorrow, but still a star on the quality stage. Stay tuned . . . . . . . . . . . .



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