Must report this major success – I believe it’s a first for me. Two weeks ago I was doing an investigation and discovered, in a very disorganized and jumbled collection, an old plaid cotton robe from way back that was missing it’s tie belt. Ho, hum – that’s the usual case, unfortunately. This item was posted on the blog on June 20.

Today I was able to get back into the field again and a thought in the back of mind was that perhaps somewhere, sometime soon I might run across a black or burgundy belt that would work as a substitute. Well, one of the first things I spied in the motley mess was: THE ACTUAL MISSING BELT!! If these belts have not been preserved along with the garment, it’s virtually unheard of to see them again. It will need some mending since it’s very old, but can be rehabbed with no problem.

Found something else very neat today which I’ll be showing soon, but this was my little victory dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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