From about the late 1950’s to the mid-1970’s a classic jacket like this one would go almost anywhere, day or evening, over your slacks, skirt or dress. Not meant for formal wear, but always part of a “well-dressed” woman’s wardrobe. Leather items were considered to be “quality” garments. Well-crafted and elegant in style, outerwear like this replaced the previous “car coat” when longer hemlines were not the daily standard anymore.

We’ve continued to love leather jackets of various styles over the decades since the “bomber jacket”, developed by the military during WW1, became popular as a fashion item after the 1940’s. Although it requires some extra care, properly tanned leather is durable and maintains its good looks. Now, however, we are better-informed about how leather for clothing is produced and have the dilemma of choosing to go vegan in our clothing selections. As you know, I’ve made my choice.

Less vulnerable to the elements than fur, my leather jackets will continue to serve me for the rest of my life if I look after them. I’ll probably never have to make the choice between authentic and faux leather. True vintage leather garments and accessories made before 1980 are investments and still an ethical choice.



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