A Cozy Mid-Century Housecoat and Very Vintage Robe

This pretty aqua at-home garment by It’s A Charm is remarkable because it looks virtually new after about 60 years. Classically styled, the front snaps are made to look like buttons. The string tie at neckline is fastened on with a little safety pin in order to be removed when you put the item in a washing machine. So practical. The cute flower basket embroidery on the pocket really is Charming.

On the other hand, I can’t help but love this ratty robe (men’s, I think) that needed a little mending at the collar. It’s probably the older of these two pieces and testifies to lots of loyal service on weekends and evenings, year in and year out. Made of cotton fabric in an attractive plaid – I’ll still need to find or make a belt for it, but that should be a cinch (no pun intended?). Who knows – I may even encounter one the next time I get out in the field . . . . which brings up the aviso that outlets may be closing again due to current threats . . . . . . . . . . . .

Still more to come, however.



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