Another pretty pink lingerie item with an impressive pedigree. Although this particular piece was made late in the company’s history and was probably one of the final batches, it’s still beautifully constructed and made from one of the company’s proprietary fabrics, Blendaire.

I understand why these special fabrics were so distinctive and important to the popularity of Barbizon garments. Blendaire is a batiste made of cotton, nylon and rayon. The look and feel of it is so special that I’ll treasure it forever. If you have followed me for some time, you’ll know that I have enjoyed collecting many styles of bed jackets from the 1930’s through to the time of this one.

Although the maker’s label has been made and attached in a modern, ordinary and ugly way, this bed jacket has still been constructed with the precise care and tailoring of older Barbizon pieces. The tiny crystal pleats are perfect, the lace and embroidery trim is carefully stitched, the hem is perfectly finished, the elastic at wrists is stretchy and all the buttons are present. There are even two sets of snaps discreetly sewn at the neckline and mid-bodice to enhance the fit and prevent gapping. I always sigh with joy when finding this kind of careful tailoring and attention to detail.



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