When I spotted this one I immediately fell in love with the cotton material. Look at this wonderful print! Aqua, teal and honey brown with touches of black and white. The fabric is SO soft – as many cotton shirts and PJ’s of the 50’s and early 60’s were. As the years went by they became better and better. First impression was that it would be too big on me, but might be comfy to lounge around the house in.

Surprise! When I got it home and was able to try it on, it fits like a dream. Custom-tailored for a small person, I’ll bet that this was made as a maternity blouse. It’s not baggy or frumpy and has a really nice fit on a slim person, but would have room underneath for a basketball. Clothing for women who were “expecting” in the mid-century was not as widely available as it is today and usually was pretty unflattering. No wonder that many women chose to make their own.

The workmanship is admirable. The hem and armhole facings are beautifully finished. I’ll enjoy this garment forever. It’s always so much fun to be constantly amazed by the simplest piece when I have the opportunity to look at and feel it carefully.

Although my next find is absolutely wonderful, this true vintage garment had to come first, since that’s what I’m all about. The next one, a dress, must take second place but is worth the wait. Stay tuned . . . . .



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