WHAT A CUTIE! So sorry not to have Marlene or Celia here to model it properly but, believe me, this hat is so sweet and flattering. It fits on the crown of the head but can also be worn at a tilt, which is so great. The pedigree of this find is also fantabulous. Glenover, Henry Pollak, Fifth Avenue, New York. This company made hats between the 1920’s and, at least, the 1960’s from what I can find out. In this case, it’s 100% wool velvet, with a sassy little detail on the side. Perfect cocktail or city hat.

It does need blocking and a bit of stitching around the inner hatband. The poor feathers have had it, too, so I’ll need to replace them. Otherwise, just a little touching up will do the job. Aside from deep soil or a tear, there’s not much that will ruin a hat like this one so it’ll be ready to roll in a jiff. Very World War 2 understated or Audrey Hepburn sassy. I’ll wear it a lot!



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