Could be a better way to display these photos, but take some close-up looks.  Wonderful prints, fabulous fabrics and, always, classic vintage heritage and style.  Great, fun, true vintage finds to begin this investigation:

A hand-made peasant dress with va-voom styling.  So flattering!  Love the soft cotton and the print – a cross between floral and atomic.  The tailoring and machine-stitching place it in the early 1960’s or 1950’s.  Possibly the 1940’s ?????????

Another 1940’s – early Fifties frock in a slinky knit synthetic of the time.  Look at this print design – so unique.  The cap sleeves, blouson top (if you’re not big in the bust) and slim style seems made for a tall girl.  Can’t wait to see it on Stella!

Love this fun polka-dot blouse from the 1950’s.  Cap sleeves, wonderful red and great tabs at the waist to allow cinching to fit (hate baggy blouses that should be fitted!).  Maybe the best is the embroidered label – “Pom-Pom” – how great is that!  A label from Denver Colorado, made for a large or department retailer that’s gone now.

Last, but not least, is a simple but beautiful Kayser lingerie slip.  Wonderful nylon, metal findings and pretty decoration that’s not too showy.  So important to have some slips that can be worn under sheer clothing without detracting.  Don’t forget, also, that nylon takes fabric dyes really well.  I may put this one aside to dye-to-match a particular dress.  Much to be done back at Headquarters.  But first, what’s next?  Stay tuned – you just never know . .. . . . . . . . .



5 thoughts on “SO FAR, SO GOOD

  1. SO FAR, SO GOOD – Magicvintagespy

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